Strength and Endurance Workout in the Water

Stephanie Thielen returns with yet another class of “Body Pump” in the pool. This pre-formatted pool workout is designed to produce results. It targets the chest, back and biceps and triceps as well as legs, core and the legs.

Poolfit welcomes Stephanie back after her 6-year break. She took time to study to be a teacher. She is now teaching fitness classes and will be able to travel to Florida for filming in the summer. Get Ready S.E.T. Go Vol. Poolfit’s 2 is still one of its most-viewed videos. Another volume was therefore necessary of this workout.

Stephanie describes the S.E.T workout below and the magic that lies behind it.

S.E.T. READY? Let’s go again!

S.E.T. Ready It is an exercise program that concentrates on muscle strength and endurance. The five components of fitness are divided into two categories: strength and endurance.

Exercises and activities can be performed at moderate to vigorous intensity for an extended period.

Strength of the muscles: How much force they can produce.

The ability to maintain exercise and daily activity.

Flexible: The ability to move the muscles and joints in a range of motion.

Your body composition is the ratio between your fat mass and fat-free mass.

The five elements of fitness are all equally important. A well-rounded fitness program can improve health in multiple areas. It may reduce the risk of chronic diseases, enhance your mental wellbeing, or support healthy aging.

What is S.E.T. ?

Strength and Endurance Training is also known as S.E.T. Ready S.E.T. The Go format was designed to provide a full-body workout. The improvement in muscle strength can help with everyday tasks. It is essential to build muscular endurance for long-term activities, as this allows you the ability to endure longer activities or exercises without becoming fatigued.

Prioritizing strength training for all major muscle groups in the upper, mid, and lower bodies is essential. Muscular imbalances are common due to the way we move in daily life and at work. S.E.T. Ready Go! Go! The muscle groups are chest, legs triceps back biceps core.


The music is used to time this workout.

The 32-count music equals 15 seconds

The 64-count music equals 30 seconds

Each set contains 2 sets of strength exercises. Every exercise takes 32 beats of music to complete each set.

Strength 1: 32 count

Strength 2: 32 count

Each set contains 2 sets of endurance exercises. The music for each exercise totals 64 beats.

Endurance 1, 32 Count

Endurance 2, 32 counts

The total time required for each muscle is about 4 minutes.

S.E.T order: chest, legs, triceps, back, legs, biceps, core


Although strength and endurance exercise can appear similar, they are different. The two main types of exercise are aerobic/endurance (cardio), and power/strength exercises.

Exercises of strength are usually performed with a heavy load and for a brief duration.

Exercises that require endurance are usually performed with a low weight over an extended period of time.

Land vs Water Training

The same applies to working out on the water. On land, gravity is the main force that affects movement, while buoyancy and drag are also important factors. The Ready S.E.T. allows you to distinguish between muscular endurance and muscular strength. The Go series makes use of simple principles to improve muscular strength and endurance, such as hand placement, tempo, impact, acceleration, etc.


Impact: grounded/anchored

Hand Positions: Different hand positions can increase or reduce resistance.

Set up the exercise and execute it: Pay attention to your body alignment, core activation and range of motion.

Tempo: Combination of water and 1/2 water tempo.

One-movement pattern: the focus is on the muscle group targeted.


Impact: mainly Level I with some Level II and III exercises

Tempo is mainly water-tempo, with some land-tempo.

Acceleration: Push harder on the bottom of the pool or the water.

Combination pattern of movement: the focus of this pattern is the muscle group that you are targeting, with a second muscle pattern added to increase the intensity of your workout.

well-being but also contributes to mental health. Stephanie Thielen’s “Body Pump style” class in the water, exemplified by the Ready S.E.T. Go series, provides a comprehensive workout targeting various muscle groups. Whether you seek stress relief, better sleep, relief from depression, or improved self-confidence, water exercise proves to be a holistic solution. So, get ready, set your goals, and dive into the invigorating world of aquatic fitness.

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