Unlocking Potential: Adaptive Aquatics for Children with Special Needs

All people should be able to swim. This includes children and adults who may need specialized or adaptive swim lessons.

Even if you have taken swimming lessons, it is not easy for everyone to swim. Certain people face specific challenges, either mentally or physically. These people need to learn differently than most other swimmers.

Adaptive Water Sports

Adaptive aquatics, also known as Special Needs Swimming Lessons, is a type of swimming lesson geared toward people who have cognitive, neurological, or developmental challenges. These challenges include:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Down Syndrome
  • Disabilities of the Visual, Auditory, and Speech Organs
  • Learner Disabilities
  • Emotional Disorders
  • Paralysis
  • Physical limitations

We understand that each child with special needs perceives and processes the world differently. They need flexible, individualized instructors. We use child-oriented methods and our instructors have undergone extensive training in order to understand the learning styles of each individual swimmer.

Adaptive Swim Classes Can Help Children with Disabilities

Adaptive aquatics is a great option for children with specific disabilities. Swimming lessons are a great way to keep your child safe around water. Children with autism are most likely to drown.

The adaptive swim classes are a gentle and safe way to increase lung capacity and strengthen the muscles. You can also teach your child about the importance of water safety. This is crucial as your child will be exploring waterbodies such as lakes, pools, and your bath.

Swimming lessons are often therapeutic and relaxing for children with special needs. Water can provide a sense of weightlessness, and relieve physical pain. The water can reduce sensory overload. Balance and coordination can be improved. The students also gain strength and range of movement in the water. Swim lessons can boost a child’s self-esteem, and improve their confidence.

Customized teaching plans

Students with special needs experience the world in a different way than their peers. Swim instructors with experience teaching children and special needs students are often needed.

Parents are invited to speak with an instructor at Swimtastic before the lessons start. The parents can then get to know the instructor better and express any concerns or questions they may have. The instructor should also be able to identify your child’s goals and needs with regard to swimming. The right plan of instruction is crucial to the success of each student. The instructor and parents will both be aware of what is expected from the lesson.

Certificates of Instructor Qualification

Swimtastic instructors are trained to teach special needs swimmers. The Swimtastic Adaptive Aquatics Curriculum is customized for each swimmer. It takes time to learn how to swim, and this is particularly true for Apative Aquatics. If necessary, more than one instructor may be used during a lesson in order to guarantee the comfort and safety of your child. All instructors and lifeguards have CPR certification and are on duty during every lesson. Safety and comfort for your children is our top priority, and we know that!

Learn about accessibility and learning aids

Each swimmer has a different learning style. We created an all-inclusive curriculum. Your instructor can use visual cues cards to help communicate with your child if he or she is not able to speak. Each swimmer’s progress is adapted to their pace. They will also receive a medal as they make the necessary improvements.

Swimtastic pools are equipped with an ADA aquatic lift to help swimmers who have physical disabilities that can make it difficult for them to enter and exit a swimming pool.

Some swimmers with developmental, sensory, or physical challenges may be able to relax in the water. For students who aren’t potty-trained, swim diapers may be needed. A reusable swim diaper combined with a disposable diaper is a great combination. Both diapers fit snugly. In the case of an emergency, the swim instructor has plenty of time to remove the child from the water.

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