Five Lazy Quarantine Exercise Tips: How to Get Back into Shape After a Long Break

Our routine is now crazy under #TheNewNormal! We have rambled for exactly half the year and are on tenterhooks due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. You’re not alone if you have been wondering how you can get back into shape after taking a long break.

What to do to get motivated after being in quarantine?

Here are 5 simple ways you can get back into shape after taking a long break.

1. Throw the guilt away!

Do not feel guilty for the quarantine procedure that went wrong. Start scheduling.

Once you find yourself stuck in this lockdown/quarantine period, it’s very easy to lose motivation to exercise.

We all now know, contrary to what we thought in the second quarter of this year, that the pandemic will be here for a long time. It’s crucial to understand that the quarantine will not be lifted anytime soon. If you do not start exercising again after taking a short break, it is likely that your health will suffer unwelcome effects. Even the idea of having to visit the doctor is a source of anxiety, especially in light the COVID-19 outbreak.

Regular exercise can boost immunity to viral infections. While the number of COVID-positive cases in the United States is increasing by the day. A strong immunity will be your only protection, aside from masks and good hygiene practices.

Don’t worry if, in the last few months, you have gained even 10 kilograms!

Life happens! Quit blaming yourself. It’s crucial that you accept the challenge now!

When I set myself difficult goals for my health, I always achieved them.

2. After a short break, start with a SIMPLE EXERCISE

If you haven’t exercised for a long time, either because of an injury from a previous workout or simply being lazily lazy, then your muscle strength and endurance will be diminished.

There is a big difference between those who did weight/strength-training before a vacation and others who exercised in other ways. You can do any CARDIO exercise, Yoga, jump jacks, walking/jogging, or running.

It’s impossible for me to stop explaining why women should always include strength training in their exercise routine.

You may not notice that your arms have suddenly become flabby. You may also notice multiple layers of soft fat on your thighs and belly.

A study found that people who had done strength training prior to taking a vacation tend to return to previous levels of stamina faster than those who have not.

It is ALWAYS recommended that you start your workout with LIGHT exercises to warm up the body after a long period of inactivity.

Start with simple warm-up sessions that include a brisk walk or jog for anywhere between 10 and 15 minutes. I am motivated by tracking my small progress using my smart watch or the PEDOMETER Android App.

Slow down & Go!

3. Find a workout that is COMPLIMENTARY.

Many gyms have closed. Parks are also closed.

If you used to be a gym-rat, you may not have a place where you can exercise.

Tell you the truth, I have never visited a gym. Most likely, I’ve always been happy with the exercises I do at home.

Exercise at home can be a great way to get back into shape after a long break

You only need an 8 x 8 SQ FEET area to use as a ‘workout room’ on your terrace or at home. It doesn’t matter whether you are in an apartment, PG or even a small house. You don’t need a large space to do push-ups, planks or weight training exercises like burpees and jacks.

Sound sorted, don’t we?

It’s a good idea to start again with dumbells (remember, you should begin with lighter weights even if your previous weights were 5kg+, to prevent injury/soreness).

You’re not going to have any problems. You can start with whatever gets you pumped. You can walk, run or jump rope. Exercises using your bodyweight are great. All of them will work if you do them consistently and over time.

4. Measure and Document

Start tracking your fitness progress from day 1.

Before-after transformation photos & videos are the best motivators. What am I doing wrong?

Before you start your new fitness regime in quarantine and re-focus on your goals, take your weight and measurements. Track your progress by recording the steps you take, your speed and any body statistics.

NONSENSE being tempted to weigh yourself MORE than ONE time in a seven-day period. There are many factors that affect your weight daily and cannot be considered a change in a matter of a week. Sleep timings, meal times, menstrual cycles and water retention are some of the factors that can affect your weight.

You’ll notice ZERO difference on the scale, but you will feel a huge change when you put on a few new clothes.

WELL, THIS IS PROGRESS. This is a good indication that you are on the right track.

5. Reduce on Junk

Reduce your intake of junk foods before you start exercising again after an injury or lazy break

No amount of physical activity can overcome a diet high in junk food, alcohol and refined foods.

Reorganize the pantry and get rid of these items as soon as possible. You should have arranged them the same way before stocking your pantry with random snacks from grocery stores.

You can prepare tasty & quick snacks that are low in sodium and refined sugar at home.

Many of us had been avoiding ordering food online. However, the UNLOCK procedure has enabled them to function as before. To break up the monotony, we’ve also been trying out new recipes to change things up.

It’s hard to describe how happy I am that I can share with you my recipes, both here and on YouTube. My recipes are curated with healthier alternatives to refined ingredients, and I try to create stuff you can enjoy without feeling guilty.

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